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Welcome to Cognisense, the new name for Northern Ireland’s most experienced and trusted market research company.

Our highly-skilled team works closely with public and private sector clients to help them understand what really drives user behaviour.

Whether you want to grow your business or brand, explore mindsets, test concepts or evaluate events, and no matter where your customers are, Cognisense uncovers insights that incite.


You’re unlikely to find any market research company north or south of Ireland with more skills and experience than Cognisense. Since 1965, our team have helped inform some of the most important decisions in public policy, societal change, commerce and industry for public and private sector clients, first trading as Ulster Marketing Surveys, and later Kantar Millward Brown Ulster.


You want to work with trusted people who can provide more than just data, and that’s us. We’ve gained a reputation for integrity, creativity and insight through years of advising on the creation of local and national advertising campaigns. We’ve also helped huge numbers of marketing professionals understand consumer mood when developing their corporate and brand strategies.


Our four company directors lead a skilled team of highly-experienced qualitative and quantitative researchers, plus we also have Northern Ireland’s largest panel of face-to-face and telephone interviewers. We’re smart and well-informed, and we’re also very good at listening. We work hard to understand the ins and outs of our clients’ projects because Cognisense people have business sense.

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